Why Sony Fanboys Are the Worst of the Bunch

March 13, 2010

Before I get into this editorial/rant, let me set the record straight. I absolutely, positively do not hate Sony itself or the PlayStation brand. I do not blame Sony for the actions of the people who have chosen to stand behind them. I have nothing against the PlayStation brand and I honestly believe that Sony is doing great things with their stable of consoles and handhelds.

Their fanboys on the other hand? They are among the most illogical, irrational, arrogant and all around idiotic group of people I have ever come across. In the past five years of going to various forums and just being in tune with the internet in general as it relates to gaming, I’ve come across just about every type of fanboy you can think of. Microsoft fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, Apple fanboys, even Sega fanboys and none of them, without exception, can compare to Sony fanboys in terms of sheer annoyance.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that nothing is ever good enough for them. There have been many reported cases of Sony fanboys getting up in arms with various gaming websites and media outlets because the score they gave one of the exclusive titles on their platform was “too low”. Gametrailers was recently hit with allegations that the 9.3 score that they gave Uncharted 2 was far below what the game actually deserved in the eyes of many Sony fanboys. Seriously?

What these fanboys need to understand that they currently do not is that reviews and the scores attached to those reviews are entirely subjective. Yes, I understand full well that reviewers are supposed to approach games as objectively as possible but, at their core, reviews are inherently subjective constructs that will inevitably be influenced by the writer’s personal beliefs and values. Fun, value and quality in general are subjective concepts that are used to form the basis of what score a game will receive.

Now that I’ve established that, it’s important to realize that because reviews are inherently subjective, opinions on what score a particular game deserves will differ from person to person. Obviously, there is no one score that Uncharted 2 “deserves” above any other and what you believe it deserves is only in your opinion. You have to realize that, while you may believe a game deserves a 9.5 or a 10, your opinion is not meant to be universally accepted. The problem is Sony fanboys (and to a lesser extent, fanboys in general) don’t realize that. It’s perfectly fine to disagree with reviews; it is not fine to attack the reviewer or reviewers because of said disagreement. Not only are you committing a logical fallacy but you’re demonstrating remarkable immaturity.

Another problem they have is with the prospect of their beloved games going multiplatform. While there have been a number of games throughout the generation that Sony fanboys have been rather vocal about when it was announced that they would be making their way to the Xbox 360 (Devil May Cry 4, Tekken 6, etc.) , these all pale in comparison to one game and that game is, as you’ve likely guessed, Final Fantasy XIII. The very day the game was announced for the Xbox 360 at E3 2008, petitions sprang up across the net, created by bitter Final Fantasy fans who were positively enraged that the Xbox 360 would be receiving a port of the game.

I wish I was kidding.

The following is a direct, unedited quote from the most prolific of the petitions I found online.

“We, PS3 owners, are very angered at the fact that Microsoft stole one our most awaited exclusive. We are angered that the game Final Fantasy 13 goes multi-platform and immediatly demand to Square Enix that they change their decision and make the game an exclusive PS3 title.

There is no point for Final Fantasy 13 to be on the Xbox 360. Final Fantasy 13 should only be on the PS3. End of story!”

My reaction to these petitions

And trust me, it gets worse but I’m not going to print those here. If you want to see those petitions, here, let me Google that for you.

Now I could understand their frustrations if the game was cancelled on the PS3 and moved over to the Xbox 360 exclusively but throwing a tantrum because Square has decided to port the game to another console? That is utterly ridiculous. What’s worse is that this petition accrued thousands of signatures. Clearly, the creator of the petition was far from alone in his or her line of thinking.

But what could bring about these kinds of thoughts in regards to games that were previously exclusive being released for the Xbox 360 as well? Well, I have a theory about that. I’ve noticed a number of attributes that Sony fanboys typically possess over the years but the one thing that stands out above all others is their unreasonable sense of entitlement. They believe that every game on their platform, no matter which company may have developed it and published on their platform is theirs and theirs alone. They look down upon fans of other consoles for not possessing these games and when those fans do get the chance to play those games, Sony Fanboys can’t take it.

Their sense of entitlement also contributes to their constant contention with reviews that disagree with their preconceived notions about games that they haven’t even played yet and would thus be ill-equipped to give an honest opinion on the game in question in the first place. They believe that the games that they have been following so long (but haven’t played) deserve incredibly high scores purely because they exist on whatever PlayStation console they may be supporting at that particular moment.

I know that a number of you must be thinking at this point “Well, everything you said can be applied to any fanboy group right?” and to that I say, yes but not to the same degree it can be said about Sony fanboys. I am not saying that Nintendo fanboys and Microsoft fanboys aren’t equally illogical at different times but in terms of sheer volume, Sony fanboys have them all beat by a country mile. I’d wager that it can be largely attributed to the fact that, last generation, the PlayStation 2 was the most prolific console of them all by quite a large margin.

So, what prompted me to write this editorial/rant now and why have I been waiting so long to do so? Honestly, as much as Sony Fanboys have annoyed me, I’ve hardly viewed this being worthy of writing at length about. Over time, I’ve been watching Sony Fanboys and the evidence to support my claims has been mounting against them and this has turned into a case of the straw that broke the camel’s back. The final straw was a combination of seeing some fanboys complaining about GameSpot’s 9.0 review score for God of War III and this crap.

Now the God of War III thing? I’m willing to let that slide. Fanboys constantly get their panties in a bunch over review scores but seriously? Booing because you have the chance to win a Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 bundle (as opposed to a PS3 and a copy of the game)? For free? That’s utter nonsense and is emblematic of nearly everything I’ve said.

I wish I could say I’ve covered everything in this editorial but this is just the tip of the iceberg and believe me; it just gets worse from here. When Square announced that they cut “a full game’s worth of content” from Final Fantasy XIII, of course, Sony fanboys immediately blamed the Xbox 360 for this. I’ve even seen Sony fanboys say that their favorite franchises have been “dumbed down” across both systems for the sake of the “Xbox audience” when they were ported. What’s sad about this is that these things aren’t uncommon occurrences either.

To wrap this up, allow me to say that I have no problem with Sony fans. See the word I used there? Fans. Some people believe that there is no difference between a fan and a fanboy and that’s not true at all. A fan of something is logical, accepting of flaws in the things they enjoy and keep an open mind to opinions that they may not agree with but will nevertheless respect. A fanboy is incapable of these things. So, Sony fans should not be offended by anything I’ve said because, odds are, none of it applies to you. Unfortunately, if you are offended by this then you’re likely one of the fanboys I’ve been talking about.

I’m pretty sure that a number of Sony fanboys are going to see this and are understandably going to be frustrated. Well, if you think I’m wrong and have a dissenting opinion you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment. Although I have total dominion over this site and all comments that come in, I won’t reject a comment purely because I disagree with it. If you think I’m wrong and give me a good argument as to why you believe I’m wrong, I’ll probably approve the comment. If all you want to do is call me an idiot then you might as well not waste your time. But then again, maybe I will. If all you do is call me an idiot and leave, you’ll just be proving how right I am.


  1. I didn’t read the whole article but since I want you to get some comments, I decided to comment on the article :).

  2. i do agree with reviews part it is nonsence to see people complain over such a great review, but all fanboys do it. Hell even in ps3 reviews we get 360 user coming in and saying a 9.5 is a bad review or a flop. wtf is up with that. And then we get them lowering user score for games on other sites before the game even releases. I’m not gonna say they are worse (even though they spoiled a good game for me) it really is the person behind it so.
    but yeah that review thing, thats just dumb to compalin about, btu 360fanboys need to stop saying that anything 8below is a fail, really?

    • I agree with pretty much everything stated, Fanboyism is retarded no matter what side its on. The whole “This game should only be for this console.” is plainly stupid and arrogant. The main thing people need to realize is Gaming is an industry, so if by multi-platforming gets a company more money then its by far the smarter choice.

      As for the parts about people complaining over review scores there is a simple answer for that “Get over it!”. You think its a 5/5 awesome but the other billion gamers out there are not all going to agree. How about maybe reading reviews of games instead of focusing on scores?

      What happened to the days where you could discuss about a game wither you think its 10/10 or 5/10 and still not go into sad bad mouthing?

      In the end all people need to realize is its an opinion. You like it awesome, you hate it? Well that’s awesome too as long as you can refrain from dropping a maturity level.

  3. Dude one thing, grow up. Seriously to even waste time writing something like that you need to be MORE STUPID than Sonyfanboys or any fanboy.

    Anyway, peace.

    • This is exactly the kind of comment I was expecting to receive. Like I said, you’re only proving that I’m right in the end.

      • Yeah. You have just shown us all that Sony fanboys like yourself are retarded.

      • Joe never said he was a Sony fanboy he just said you’re article is stupid and like all fanboys you label him as a fanboy. Maybe he likes x-box but just didn’t agree with you’re comments and thought they were written just like the rest of the fanboys garbage out their.

        I can replace almost every instance of fanboy in you’re comments with x-box fanboy and it would still be true. Fanboys are ALL annoying. Doesn’t matter the system. I’m pasionate about the system I own I have one of the otherones and will never buy the 3rd because I disagree with how the company has treated their clients over the years and I won’t buy it out of principal and because the system I do play keeps me busier then time I have available so no need to see what’s on the other side. The other system I own collects dust unfortunately thought it might get my wife gaming a bit but she actually enjoys my main system more now.

        Anyways sorry but I feel I wasted time reading you’re article but good for you for trying

      • actually, he’s just proving that you guys are trying to cause pointless feuds like idiots. The fanboys only defend what you guys illogically attack.

      • Lol, like said before the guy was just stating his opinion of your article and you jumped to conclusions of a fanboy…-_-

        I’d rather you have just not pointed out Sony fanboys and let them continue to be idiots so they can further prove peoples’ opinions of them. But anyways fanboys will be fanboys….none are worse and none are less worse LMFAO they’re all equal. However, this article did take time from my gaming =/

        *goes back to playing Mass Effect 2 and Gears 2*

      • These comments doesn’t prove anything, least of all that you are right about Sony fanbois being worse than MS fanbois. Take your article, substitute MS and 360 for Sony and PS3 and publish it somewhere else and you’d get exactly the same response. If you think otherwise then you are very, very silly.

        You complain about fanbois then you act like a immature internet troll. Don’t like comments like the ones you’ve got? Didn’t you ask for it by making highly generalised statements like this?

        “They are among the most illogical, irrational, arrogant and all around idiotic group of people I have ever come across.”

        How is that any better than the comments you received in return? Sanctimonious or what? Come back to the internet when you’ve matured a little, or learned that those who normally claim the moral high ground are usually the ones to keep a close eye on.

      • First off, let me go on record as saying I’m a PC fanboy who owns every console. Just wanted to get that out of the way so I can ridicule your article without falsely being accused of being a Sony fanboy.

        Perhaps you need to get out on the internet more, but EVERY platform (Xbox, PS3, PC, etc) has these types of people. The fact that you prefer the Xbox over all else just makes these people stand out to you that much more.

        As for the whole booing of the Xbox during the Final Fantasy presentation, I would have booed as well. Regardless of your opinion of either console, the PS3 version of FFXIII is unarguably the better version. You can disagree all you want, but an unbiased look will show otherwise.

    • Yeah, he’s a Sony fanboy because he spoke to truth regarding this article. Oh please.

    • Fanboy much Joe? Seems you are mad because he said why he hates Sony Fanboys more. I hate all fanboys really since they ruin conversations on most websites. Whether it is a Sony one or MS one.

      • BAM! exactly what kamanashi said.

        And Fanboys who are upset by what he wrote proves his point. He’s attacking fanboys in general, but if he was to pick a group that he believes is the worst, he’d pick Sony Fanboys… and he would be right.

        On sites such as N4G and Gametrailer, anything slightly positive about 360 is reported as junk or spam, and everything negative is approved instantly and instead of finding a 360 fans comments in there, all you can see is troll comments.

  4. Wow, really? Because I remembered back in the day that 360 fanboys attacked the living hell out of the PS3 and called it an expensive bluray player, it had no games, Sony failed, among other things. PS3 fans had to put up with it for three years and even today it still goes on.

    If you’re going to call out Sony fanboys, then call all of the fanboys out- 360 fanboys and Wii fanboys.

    Get a damn life. You make it sound like Sony fanboys are freaking mutants or something and its your job to hunt them down.


  5. Great article. I’m 100% behind this, Fanboyism = Ignorance

  6. I don’t see how anything you commented on doesn’t apply to any one party that falls under the “Fanboy” umbrella. Just sounds like you want some hits to me. Well, you’re getting them; it’s on N4G now.

  7. It really is true, Sony exclusive kids are the worst of the worst. Time and time again they prove it.


    • Wow Mark, you seem to be everywhere. You’re probably the worst 360 fanboy I’ve seen anyway. A fanboy agreeing with this article? Typical.

      • Truth hurts kiddo, go cry somewhere else.

      • What truth? And I’m not a kid you little whiny fangirl. OH NOES, TEH BAD SONY FANBOYS…OH NOOOOES! 🙂

        Go suck Greenburg’s balls while you’re at it.

  8. I agree with Joe. If people want to be dumb misinformed fucks (fanboys in general). Let them… simple. There is no reason for people like yourself to tell them how to live. Sorry to say this but articles, such as this one are going to move you nowhere in your profession, or life for that matter. But if you want to write such articles… power to you. Like I said, I can’t tell you what to do or how to live.
    Take this critism how ever you want… I’m not trying to be mean. Just help.

    Peace. Love. Happiness. Weed.

    • That’s a great response.

      There’s so much of this stuff being posted in the name of journalism these days. I’d much prefer to read articles about games, whether technical articles, articles about experiences or articles about the fans (of games).

      It’s a bit of a shame that the very first article I’ve read on “themindofgame.com” is this one (and comments), as it’s very much starting off on the wrong foot.

      What’s really interesting is how I ended up here in the first place… Tweeted by Aaron Greenberg who I happen to “follow”. The next question I’m going to be asking myself is whether he wasted my time, whether the author here wasted my time, or whether I’ve wasted my own time by springing what is in effect just another flame bait trap.

      Well done to the author for writing this crap. Well done to Aaron Greenberg (and anyone else) for tweeting on it. Well done Beach Boys for stating the facts – as they are. Well done to me for following the breadcrumb trail all the way through to being bothered enough to write this comment.

      The circle is complete! Now I can go and do something else better instead.

      Beach boys++


      • I have stated my thoughts on the matter and I will not back down. If you do not like my opinion on the matter, feel free to go elsewhere and seek an opinion that better suits you.

        Well, thank you for stopping by, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 🙂

  9. Maybe because the system has been pronounced dead by so called industry analysts maybe a year after its launch that it’s kinda funny to rub in everybody’s face that Sony will once dominate a new generation of gaming systems.

    • Bishop83, you just made the writer’s point. You sir, are an original FANBOY. You just highlihted the problem with PS- fanboys this generation. The PS 1 & 2 monopolysed the industry due to quality but mostly because of the lack of competition. Never forget that… And please everybody, no matter which console you love, don’t jump on the fanboy- train, cause Fanboyism is just plain ‘DUMBASSERY’

  10. Rather than citing specific instances, you should know that these concepts are just the components that make up every single fanboy classification that the internet has warranted labeling.

    The easiest explanation for what you may consider to be a more radical sense of insecurity and intolerance among those who favor Sony’s electronics is due to their position in the console race; as such, it’s important to note that this is a baton that has been passed on since the saga of Sega and their eventual downfall.

    Media sensationalism during the PS3’s rocky start spawned a future generation of fans who were – and still are – very defensive about their system and the “hardships” that it has gone through. All of this acknowledged, none of these elements are exclusive to the fanboy classification that you are calling out. It’s just the position that they are currently in, and it’s bound to change within the near future.

    Therefore, should you wish to remain consistent with your credibility, I suggest you return to this article in a year or two and update it to better accommodate whatever state the industry, and its followers, may be in at that time, because I assure you that it won’t be static.

  11. But, in all honesty, I still stand by my assumption that this is a manufactured article with a sole purpose to shamelessly – albeit skillfully – attract attention to your web site. A job well done on that, I suppose, as it certainly took up some of my time.

  12. Well, I would like to disagree with this Article but most of this is true, but I think The Sony Fanboys, as of latly, havent been as annoying. Now the Microsoft fanboys seem to have switched places with the sony fanboys as the the most eager to denounce a good game on a different console.

  13. I think you made some very good points in this article.

    However, I do disagree with the whole Final Fantasy XIII thing. I believe when a great game looses “a full game’s worth” of content, said game has made a mistake.

  14. This is exactly the kind of article I’d expect a general fanboy to make. You start with the typical “I’m not against _____ company” approach, then proceed to decry people who, while potentially over-zealous in voicing their thoughts, are passionate about said company. You disregard obvious facts in favor of sensationalizing what you brand as negative connotations of the group, and are generally prejudice in a large degree.

    You think people are upset by a review? Then you’re blind. People don’t just look at a score and get all enraged, they look at WHY the score is given, compare it to other similar reviews, and THAT’S what upsets them. When you see one game like FFXIII on the 360 getting a slide on say graphics, and PS3 Bayonetta getting hammered, are you telling me you aren’t going to sit there and say “what the hell is that?” It’s the skew that pisses people off, not the end result. That’s why you see people wanting reviews that DON’T have a score, because then THOSE can be seen purely as opinion, not on a judgment scale that can be used to determine the likelihood of someone purchasing said game. Because that DOES happen, people will buy a game if the reviews are good or not if the reviews are bad.

    Moving on to multiplatform, and in specifics FFXIII, you again ignore basic facts. It is a FACT that the PS3, as a piece of hardware, is more capable than the 360. It is a FACT that SE have admitted to removing content so that the PS3 doesn’t have an advantage. That is what pisses people off. In the previous gen, there was no such compunctions to make console versions identical. The original Xbox had the superior version of many games over the PS2. So why should anyone be happy that, for another console and the sake of “keeping things fair”, a game has to have content removed because said other console doesn’t have the hardware or storage capability to keep up?

    You paint a picture of people who get upset for the hell of it and who have no reason to, you ignore basic facts and over-sensationalize to prove a non-existent point, and you use the classic diversionary ploys of “I’m not against ____” and “I’m not saying that ______ are saints either” which is always a big red flag for many people to not bother listening to anything you have to say.

    In summation to an overly lengthy post, you are fortunate that this isn’t a real article and is just an “opinion” piece, because this is a horrible excuse for “journalism”.

    P.S. Notice that I didn’t once call you an idiot, so if you decide NOT to post this comment, you merely reinforce the position that you are a sensationalist who likes the sound of his own voice, or rather the sounds of his own keystrokes.

    • I salute you and your comment sir. Because truer words have never been spoken.

    • OMG burnnnnnnnn. Great man, Could not have said it better myself. This read is better than the article.

    • Amen. You burnt him alright.

  15. i think that all groups have varying degrees of fanboys… they all have SCUMMY fanboys who are irrational… i just think sony might have the most amount of scummys… lol. i love sony and the ps3… in fact, im sendin this message from my ps3.

  16. maybe they seem that way because most gaming sites, blogs, forums and random commenters did nothing but smearing Sony and the PS3 for its first two years on the market

    first the said that it had no games, but then it was clear that it had more games and exclusives than 360

    then they said that it was too expensive but soon they realized it had built in wi fi, free online and a blu ray movie player so again they changed the focus

    then they said it had inferior graphics but now that the best looking game on their system (gears 2) is two years old and PS3 raises the bar every few months (MGS4, killzone, uncharted 2, god of war, gran turismo)

    then they said that had no console sales, then the numbers started closing in on 360’s and even compensating for the year head start

    so they said its games didn’t sell, but soon they realized that the US is not the world and that Metal Gear 4, Gran Turismo Prologue, the first Resistance, Uncharted and more sold over 3 million and they reaches those numbers without adding the PC sales

    so they said that blu ray wasn’t relevant, but they they saw a very inferior port of final fantasy, games that need to have content installed on the hard drive from other discs, studios that need to cut content from games so they would fit on DVDs, etc

    now they’re saying Sony fanboys are annyoning, I guess they have nothing else to say

    really pathetic

  17. First off i totally agree Sony fanboys are rediculous and the final fantasy situation only highlights that. come on how can sony fanboys even act this way. Wasn’t Final Fantasy a NINTENDO EXCLUSIVE!!! You don’t see nintendo fans up in arms about Final Fantasy especially when ff7 was 50% complete on the N64 before sony took that franchise. Fact is many of our beloved games can be traced back to other consoles before the became exclusive to one machine. truth is after you put the game in the machine your looking at the screen so the console is irrelevant. just a means to play the game.

    • I’d like to stress the point that Nintendo fans WERE pissed when FF7 made the jump to the Playstation. However, they were also silenced when they saw what the Playstation could do over the N64. The Final Fantasy franchise had outgrown the Nintendo at that point, and it was time for it to move on.

      Unfortunately this time around that isn’t the case. It has already been admitted that things were removed and the details were reduced on both versions to ensure the game would run on the 360. So instead of the Final Fantasy series once again moving to a more superior system, it did the opposite. Now I’ve already stated this on a previous post, but I am a PC gamer first and foremost. My 3 consoles and 2 handhelds are secondary to my PC gaming. That being said, I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, and ever since they started making changes in order to bring FFXIII to the 360 I’ve been more and more disappointed. And really it all stems from Microsoft wanting to cut a few corners and make sure they had a cheaper console by NOT including a high capacity disc drive. And now they make themselves ever bigger asses by adamantly refusing to make an add-on drive so that developers aren’t forced to be saddled with the limitations of DVD9.

  18. PS Fanboys were the butt of everyones jokes not too long ago. Now they have something they can actually be proud of and gloat about and their the jerks? I understand full and well about the review thing, but when no one wanted a PS3 and there weren’t really any games to be happy about, they were eating poo sandwiches. Let them have their moment. What goes up, must come down.

  19. Hey, can I add my 2 cents, so let me understand this you create a article complaining about Sony FanBoys and there arrogance and igonarance and to further your “proof” you decide to use disagreeing with reviewers over scores which happens as one game will “deserve” a score person but another person will think its higher or even lower this is soley dependent if its a game they like or on there preferred console. This is the same with anything from films, music, plays, etc one reviewer will score it one way and another person will score it a different way. Then you further add “proof” by adding that youtube video of FINAL FANTASY fans booing the prize well that again is the same as with anything else in life for example if a Footballer (soccer player) changes team I bet you the team he left the fans of that team will boo him, some people think FFXIII going multiplatform was and is a bad decision I too think it was a bad decision as some 360 people have boycotted it because its on 3 discs which hurts SE in 360 sales and could potentially put SE off releasing further FF games for the 360 and the other reason I think it was a bad decision was because it meant I would hae to wait even longer to play FFXIII, but I am happy that more people get to experience a FF game. Oh and i’m a PS3 fanboy yeah it soo sounds like i’m ignorant and arrogant huh

  20. please be fair while putting this articles, it is the same goes to other console support fanboys..no need to be that angry dude..we are all gamers, all play nice game, we cannot blame this and that, please be matured!!

    • and stay calm..

  21. See this is a difficult one to comment on because any counter argument could itself simply be viewed as fanboyism. So at the risk of sounding like a fanboy, not a fan, here is my two cents. I think the main reason Sony fans have such a problem with exclusives going multi-platform is that coming into this console generation a majority of the console exclusive’s were Sony’s alone, Microsoft fans have never really had to deal with losing a big exclusive to another brand. I can’t say for sure, but if tomorrow Halo Reach was announced as Multi-Platform I would wager you would see a similar reaction from the Microsoft loyal. See that’s the thing, success at consoles is still relatively new to Microsoft and its fan’s, so they have never really lost anything only gained. This generation has primarily gone there way but so far, so most of the problems you outlined in this article as having had with Sony fanboys the Microsoft ones have never been faced with. I don’t think you’re really wrong, but I don’t think your article has a lot of merit because there really isn’t a good metric to grade it on. Give Microsoft fans 3 console generations, and then let them have a decidedly bad one after a good one, then come back and discuss which group handled it better.

    Oh and in reference to the complaining of review scores, if you think its a 9.5 and gamespot says its a 9.0, who cares? It’s not about what they think, its about what you think. That’s the part of fanboyism I never understood and why I choose to just own both system’s and call it a day.

  22. Well written. These people calling you retarded are simply jealous they aren’t capable of expressing their thoughts in a coherent way, and show their own ignorance. Keep writing.

  23. Having had my own website of similar interests at one point, and currently doing a playstation centric only podcast over at http://www.theplaystationshow.com I could not agree more with you.

    However I would like to point out that not all fanboys are equal. As I said above I deal with a Sony only centric website, and guess what, the people on our community site have a great sense of humor and are perfectly capable of making fun of the crazy fanboys. So no, not all fanboys are equal. The type of fanboys you speak of are highly vocal, but nowhere near the majority.

    But good luck with this article, and the title was genius. (At least as far as garnering hits from N4G.)

  24. I enjoyed this article because it got me thinking about the psychology of fanboyism. I think most of us even if we´re not fanboys have got one console that we´re rooting on just a little bit more than the others either because of nostalgic reasons or because we feel that the console offers us the best quality personaly. For me that´s the PS3 (at the moment) allthough i own all 3 current gen systems. Often when reading articles on N4G or blogs like this i find that i tend to be somewhat more forgiving of those who are praising my system of choise or bashing on the other systems. Even though i know fanboyism never make grait journalism, it´s still entertaining to read these sensationalistic trash talking articles. In short, it makes you laugh. However these petitions that sadly is beginning to look like a trend that is pretty much exclusive to the PS camp is so naive it´s laughable. It´s one thing to be pissed at sony for not locking down FFXIII for PS3. That´s kind of like MS not locking down Bungies next game for 360, a stupid buisness deal. It´s another thing to complain to Square Enix claiming they should be loayal to their userbase or whatever. That would be a stupid buisness deal for SE to make without a big economic incentive from Sony. Square Enix does´nt care about the console war. only the most gullable fans from both sides realy care enough to sign a petition. Oh and Sony & Microsoft cares all the way to the bank. Oh my god i rambled on, if you are reading this then good for you, i´m Swedish and my english is sub par to say the least.

  25. You should check this guy out on N4G.com – Saaking. Worst fanboy you will ever come across! It’s almost ridiculous!

  26. Wow, did not expect to get this many comments so fast.

    Well, to those of you who agree with me, thanks. To those of you who respectfully disagreed with me, I’ll say thanks to you too since you were at least respectful in your replies.

    To those of you who merely said I’m an idiot and left, thanks for wasting your own time to say that and…thanks for proving me right. 🙂

    • Good sir, your attitude is adclickworthy to say the least. I will click one!

      No ads?? Are you actually writing articles for the shear plessure of writing them?? WOW! In that case, keep it up!

    • bro dont flatter yourself. Were not proving you right, you proving us right because you are most obveously a 360 fanboy. we all know your trolling and just wrote this rticle to aggrivate people

      • Actually, I wrote this article just to get it off of my chest. But hey, if you want to think I’m a 360 fanboy and I wrote this just to troll PS3 fans then go right ahead. That wasn’t the intention of the article and I hardly consider myself a 360 fanboy but, hey, whatever floats your boat.

    • Writing polemic and vitriolic commentary ATTRACTS a lot of trolls and fanbois. It does not prove one iota – as you clearly and quite arrogantly think it does – that the people who disagree with you, or the very targets of your attack, are trolls and fanbois.

      However, writing such commentary is a useful, well-known and oft-repeated technique USED by trolls and fanbois in order to create a false impression to justify their own position, bias or hatred. It’s regularly used by journalists who want to ‘prove’ something by creating an artificial situation or to hype up a contrived and manipulated response from the public. And this is precisely what you have done.

      I look forward to seeing you on Fox News.

  27. You mentioned Tekken 6. If you really have played the arcade version then compared it to the PS3 version, you’ll see that the PS3 version is crap compared to the arcade version, AND THESE 2 VERSION RUNS ON THE SAME EXACT HARDWARE!! Tell me exactly why the home version have to be dumbed down??

  28. Well, you just described fanboys in general, but with good exemples on the sony part.

    Thats the main flaw of gaming industry: Fanboy.

    They cant just go with the technology, they go for a ethnic choise, wtf, and insult anyone that doesnt agree, which is exactly what religious do.

    They don’T accept change, true or progress. They just want their tiny little ps3, tiny little 360 and tiny little Wii. They should be ashamed of calling themselves gamers.

    Gamers is not restricted to platform, but to financial meaning. If there is a great game coming to the 360, he will try to learn and to try it out.

    I call myself a gamer because I generally love the GAMING INDUSTRY, not a particuliar consoles, but the ENTIRE industry.

  29. You are right about the fanboys thing. I think it’s kind of pathetic that Sony fanboys(or any fanboy for that matter) trolls the interwebz, start fights and internet arguments. How pathetic is it to get THIS worked up about it? You’re like a retard that points and laughs at another retard for being retarded. So with that said… you(the author, Justin McBride) are retarded. Time to bring back a classic!

  30. What’s wrong with fanboys?

    If you’re passionate about something then why not let people back it up and attack the opposing product through voice. It’s not like it does ANY harm.

    Ok, There are thousands of articals from fanboys and somtimes it does get very annoying but it’s NOT LIKE YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

    Telling a fanboy to shut up is like telling people to not speak thier mind.

    To be honest Justin, I think you have just added fuel to the fire with this artical. Dont get me wrong. It’s very good and insightful but in a sense, you have just become a fanboy against fanboys.

    It would be a different story if it was somone ranting at you face to face. If a Sony fanboy was going on about how much better the games are and how you NEED to buy one, would you really bother arguing back? Either just humour them or you would just punch them in the face. Does all the talking.

    But hey, You can’t do that on the net sooo….. close the blog….

    Good artical but dont agree with it. If I want to rant about something, thats my choice. You don’t like it. Go away. No harm to you, no harm to me 😉

  31. please!!!think it deeply!!!!!!!!!!!!
    did you know how other console fanboy humiliate ps3 at first????????
    they said no games, no sales, bad online service, price too high, worthless blu-ray, etc..they boo here and boo there!!!!
    can you see how all the ps3 fanboys are very disappointed???
    but, they still support until the end, sony try so hard to prove to ps3 fanboys that they made a right choice, until the ps3 now is getting better and better, other console fanboy start to think of other way to boo ps3 fanboy again??
    all are good consoles, please think thoroughly before you start to write an article that might start another flame war, create more hatred between fanboys..

  32. i’ve heard of discrimination and racism, but this is bloody ridiculous

  33. I don’t know what you hoped to achieve with this. You really belive what you’re writing but I see a lot of generalizing and blanket statements. And you subtly accused Joe in the comments of being a Sony fanboy instead of addressing his point.

    You’re clearly intelligent and a good writer; it’s just a shame you wasted it by fueling the fanboy flamewars in this case. Not to be a dick but when people go out of their way to demean an entire group like this, I see them as no more civilized than the actual fanboys.

  34. Some sony “fanboys” may get upset when exclusives go multiplatform because developers may be forced to cut content to fit the game on dvds. Content might not actually get cut but as gamers we get upset at even the idea that our game could have been even better. I’m not implying that all games could benefit from being ps3 exclusives… or maybe I am 🙂 I am primarily a PC gamer so I always have to have the console with the best hardware from each generation. N64, xbox, and now ps3.

  35. Ya I agree 100% sony fangirls are a bunch of cry babies their games are shitty and they will remain dead last their games will never compete to the 360.

    • see for your own editor!!this is how they bash ps3 fanboy again..

      • yes, remove my comment dearest author. Your article is full of it.

  36. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Great article. I have a 360, PS3, and Wii. My PS3 is my favorite and I haven’t touched my 360 since the video card fried.

    That being said…Sony fanboys are by far the worst. Most Sony owners are over the age of 18. Most Sony fanboys are also too immature to possibly live on their own. I’d bet money that most of these immature little rodents crying about this article are doing so from their parents basement right about now.

  37. Wow, this entire article is a bunch of BS. First of all, the incident with the audience booing because of the 360 bundle? Those were Final Fantasy fans, not Sony Fanboys, so it’s completely irrelevant. Besides that, you know that you don’t even address ANY of the points you brought up? You just say, “the PS3 fanboys do this, and they’re wrong” without offering evidence to support your argument. For example, why are the fanboys wrong by assuming that an entire game’s worth of content being cut out is the 360’s fault? It’s a 9 GB disc, and is by far the most logical assumption to make. Also, the Uncharted review debacle was not because of the score itself, but by the reasoning behind it- Gametrailers said the only flaw was that it was unoriginal, and it was a flaw that subtracted 7 tenths of a point from the overall score- yet, for some reason, this flaw is never brought up with games even less original, like Modern Warfare 2 or the first Uncharted or Oblivion or Bad Company, which lack things like mystical guardians of the Fountain of Youth within a modern setting. The petition thing is stupid, yes, but it’s not like that sort of thing only happens with PS3 fanboys- I mean, look at the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott petition that had like 20,000 signatures on it. That was over a lack of downloadable content, which seems even stupider to me than a loss of exclusivity. If you’re going to try and convince people with an article like this, you might want to try and do more than simply state ‘you guys are dumb and wrong’, and actually bring up some real evidence to support your claims.

    • In the video, those Final Fantasy fans were booing the announcement that there was an Xbox 360 bundle up for grabs. Final Fantasy XIII is only available on two systems. What does that tell you?

      Fanboys are wrong for assuming that it was the 360’s “fault” for the content being cut because there is no evidence to support that claim. It would be different if Square-Enix actually said that the content was cut because of size constraints but they did no such thing at any point and long before this came up, they said that the game would not be limited because of it being ported to the Xbox 360. Therefore, it is logical to assume that these cuts were not made because of the 360. If you have evidence that shows that it was, I’d be glad to see it.

      I never said that petitions of that kind were limited to PS3 fanboys. Why are you putting words in my mouth?

      • It tells me that Final Fantasy fanboys don’t want FFXIII on 360. It doesn’t tell me anything about PS3 fanboys.

        What do you mean there’s no evidence? A 360 disc has 9 GB of data available, a blu-ray disc has 50. All the cutscenes in FFXIII underwent massive compression on 360, and it still needs 3 discs. It’s really simple logic. Can you provide a more logical reason than that?

        I’m not putting words in your mouth, they’re already there. Check out the title- “why Sony fanboys are the worst of the bunch”. That tells me that this article shall explain why Sony fanboys are worse than other fanboys, right? If you admit that petitions like that aren’t limited to Sony fanboys, then why did you bring it up? The article shouldn’t be about common fanboy tendencies or anything like that.

      • Simple logic and the process of elimination tells me that since they didn’t want the 360 bundle, they were PS3 fanboys. This isn’t exactly a far off conclusion.

        What you have stated is conjecture. Unless you have proof that the content was removed because of the Xbox 360, you have no argument.

        Clearly, that was not the meat of my post. That was merely one instance I brought up. I did not say that behavior was exclusive to PS3 fanboys.

      • How is what you’re doing anything other than conjecture as well then?

        Logic fail? Yes.

      • Square Enix explicitly stated before that the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII would not be compromised because of the Xbox 360. Look it up if you want proof of that claim. Now, based on that, it can be logically assumed that the content was not cut because of the 360.

      • Yes, and they also promised that the PS3 and 360 versions would be identical. They clearly are not. Using that logic, we can assume that their word is meaningless.

      • u owned him…haha

      • Oh yeah, because Square themselves are going to say that they gimped one of the most anticipated games ever because of the X360… That would lower the sales you know so, don’t come with that crap here. I thought you were more clever…

        From where you are? The moon or something? You’re getting owned from left to right but you’re so delusional… That what’s the point in arguing?

        Don’t worry, this is my last comment. =(

      • Would you stop using the words “logic” and “logically”? Seeing as everything you say is devoid of logic in every way.

        Square-Enix ALSO said that they cut content so as not to give the Playstation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII an advantage. Now seeing as their is only ONE other version of FFXIII, LOGIC dictates that that version is, in SE’s eyes, already at a disadvantage. And seeing as how SE want all things to be equal (disregarding all the 360 exclusives they have already made, proving that they have their own definition of the word equal), how then could you turn an advantage into equality? There are only 2 ways. 1) Add that same content to the “disadvantaged” version, or 2) Remove that content from the “advantaged” version.

        Logic, or rather the process of elimination, clearly states that the 360 could not support the extra content that would have been on the game, so SE removed it from the PS3 version to keep things fair. And if you have been playing FFXIII, you should easily be able to tell that the game was designed as though they developed two different games and then added them together. It’s as if the game made it to a certain point of developement, and they said “F*ck it, let’s restart”. Up until Chapter 11, FFXIII plays largely like another mediocre JRPG called Enchanted Arms. Straightforward, you use Auto-Battle most of the time, very underwhelming. You get to Chapter 11, and that’s when the mega-grinding, the difficult battles, and the more expansive experience begins.

        Two different games stitched together. Almost as if two different development houses made the game and then merged them together.

        Logic clearly indicates that SE cut content BECAUSE THEY HAD TOO, their own statements indirectly place the reason solely on the 360, and the game is nothing like Final Fantasy as we have known it. Even FFXI and FFXII had a Final Fantasy feel, this doesn’t at all.

        I suggest you learn what logic is before you attempt to use it. So far you have been proven consistently wrong at every corner, and you will continue to be.

      • Well i really think your a douche. its not just the sony fanboys its the mini forum wars that take place between the Sony and Microsoft fanboys i think its rude to just point the finger at the Sony fan boys, the Microsoft ones are easily just as bad EASILY.

        I think Final fantasty reaction SHOULD BE EXPECTED Final fantasy is practically Sonys Child seeing it on the 360 and then telling hard core fans (the people in the video looked like hardcore fans) THEY WOULD OBVIOUSLY WANT IT ON THE PS3 fans of the series for the most part wanted sony to have FF13 just on the playstation so i think offering hard core fans a 360 copy is like offering some one the middle finger and expecting a thank you.

        your article seems like you tried to be balanced though and your really just pointing out the two or 3 people on every gaming forum but at the same time their are xbox fans EASILY just as obsessed.

        i think when people on forums jump the gun and say the word fanboy it really just sets people off

      • Dino, the Final Fantasy franchise started with the NES. So if Final Fantasy would be anyone’s child, it would be Nintendo’s little baby according to your reasoning. Fanboys aren’t good for the industry, no matter if they own a Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 or any other console. Each console has its strengths and flaws.

      • OMG. that was brill dude. you seriously tore that kid a new one. great comment.

      • The funny thing is, I can’t find any source on the web that they ever made that statement. Care to back it up? Without any proof that entire argument falls apart.

      • Hah =)
        I´ve never put anything in your mouth i was simply arguing a point in my comment that related to your article. If you should wory about anyone putting words in your mouth you should look at the one AGREEING with you that PS3 games are shitty. Halo019 is the worst fanboy here by far and guess what his system of choise is?

      • Oh wait.. Delete, delete!! lol

      • I take issue with this article – and this comment. I’ll address the comment first.

        You talk about the stupidity of assuming reasons for the cut content, and the logic of why the content would be cut. So I challenge you to tell me why else the content would be cut? Can we take the word of SE who said the versions on both consoles would be even (when they clearly are not)? Why make a game’s worth of content to throw it away?

        As for the article, it lacks logic (a theme you seem to love). Incidents of fanboy behaviour are common, they are all over the net. Perhaps if you’d been part of the gaming community (on the net) for more than 5 years, you’d have greater insight into the extremes of fanboyism. No group is worse than the other – and to say otherwise is gross generalisation. Please google “Xbox Republic” and join their forum, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on them, it will no doubt make them the worst fanboy group right?

        Your article is intelligently written, but shows a great deal of naivety.

      • I feel it was right for the people and fans of the game to think 360 was the the ‘fault’, in where square enix took something already done, such as Japanese voices, out of the PS3 version, because they wanted to keep an “identical experience” between both console versions. Also, square enix had many towns done, and basically ready to be put in FF13, but then they were cut, after the announcement of the 360 version going to be released. Why would they cut what makes the franchise of FF, especially when it was basically done, and very near completion? Coincidence? I don’t think so, in where the 360 obviously couldn’t handle these things, unless an additional disc was put, and since Square didn’t want to add a disc, they just cut the stuff out from the PS3 version, to then make both identical. Also, I feel using the reason of Square not saying it straight up that it was 360s fault is not a great reason, in where obviously, Square wouldn’t want to announce that, as well as Microsoft wouldn’t want that, and Square knows the number of fans who will be enraged or mad at them will grow dramatically with such an announcement. And also, I would like to point out, the video of the FF fans, just because they boo, doesn’t mean they are PS fanboys at all. Maybe at first it seems like that, but if you think about it, FF was made famous on PS and has ever since been on PS, where FF 13 is best, and holds its most definitive version on PS3, possibly making the hardcore fans being left with the feeling of having been offered a cheaper, and slightly worse version, and also, they are being offered a 360, meaning, as hardcore FF fans they will not get the best FF 13 version, they can not in the future get FF 13 versus which is PS3 exclusive, and they will not be able to get FF 14 this year, unless they are PC gamers.

        Hope you read and thanks for reading 🙂

        P.S. I feel that this article should be for fanboys in general, because I know some really horrible 360 fanboys, and some really bad things they say and things they do, that can maybe top what PS fanboys do. I know 360 fanboys who know nothing of the facts and truths of other consoles, as well as PS fanboys, who no nothing of other consoles too.

  38. “Microsoft fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, Apple fanboys, even Sega fanboys and none of them, without exception, can compare to Sony fanboys in terms of sheer annoyance.”

    Nah man..I don’t like Nintendo fanboys. They chat so much sh*
    “the wii’s graphics is just as good as Xbox 360” bullsh* like that.

    And I disagree with you on Sony fanboy disagreeing with Gametrailers review of Uncharted 2. You have to understand journalist baised method if you know about fanboys. Gametrailers are xbots.

    What just p*sses me off is when multiplatform games on PS3 always look crap and xbox 360 looks better.

  39. I LIKE THIS CAT!! I agree 200% with everything said in this article.

    Thumbs up!

    Torrence Davis
    Editor In Chief
    The Bitbag

  40. Thank goodness the article is Sony fanboys and not PlayStation 3 owners. So I have nothing to worry about here, in my opinion, the PlayStation 3 owns the Xbox 360.

  41. yea when u call out fanboys ur gonna get alot of replies & fast but 4 tha most part 2 me they’re right gettin 2 tha point of being a fanboy is tha only thing that bothers me is hearin whinin from either side & tech, im wit xbox right now till my ps3 gets sent back from being fixed, but i hate ppl who whine about a company going multi-plat & say there doing there fans wrong well they wanna be able 2 support all of there fans in ne market tha same way i think valve is startin 2 thinkin now…theres only been 2 times i ever been fightin over sumthin that stupid…marvel vs dc which didnt work out 4 me cuz comics r my crack..& snes vs genesis i got over that cuz gettin a genesis i played all there games & it was stupid after a while 2 hate on nintendo when i had tha nes sittin right next 2 it & chrono came out & i played it & realized if ur a gamer just lik a comic fan ur gonna lik what u lik & no stupid fanboyism is gonna change ur mind play tha game before u judge it if its a good game then cool if not then speak up about tha game not tha system..if u dont lik tha controller they do sell adapters, they work great 4 me..but really all fanboys suck cuz they just make the system look bad thats why i hate microsoft fanboys more cuz i hav quite a few friends on there that arent 12 & annoying(which if u r 12 thats cool as long as ur not annoying.lol) but again when my ps3 gets back which i hope is soon cuz i really wanna play heavy rain & try out gow3 ill hate them all equally 🙂

  42. Ok first – I want to really vent my anger in this post, but I’m not. You are a very good writer I wanna give you that. What gets me though – you could have done an article on fanboyism in general – but you chose to single out the Sony crowd. You get it on both sides.. Microsoft and Sony. Yes, I will admit, I am a Sony fanboy – but I’m not a dick about it. Really I think you should think your article out a little bit better next time so as not to fuel the fanboy wars, because with the talent you have as a writer – you could have come across more mature. Shoving one side down because your sick of them complaining isn’t good writing material – its a rant. Just something to think about next time you want to write on such a controversial topic. But kudos to the writing..and I mean it..

  43. This article fails bigtime. It’s more fuel to feed an already useless fire. Look at the 3 years the ps3 took it in the butt from xbox fanboys! All the excuses ps3 has no games, its too expensive, its a fancy bluray player, crappy online…..and you have the brass ones to say ps3 fanboys are the worst?!

    Look at n4g where fanboys are calling God of War 3 a flop! I understand it might not be everyones cup of tea, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great game!
    The devs for FF13 had to compress audio, had to put it on 3 discs, and made it 576p all because they didn’t have the room on DVD9. So how is that not enough evidence to say it was M$ fault. Bottom line: It IS Microsofts fault. If M$ hadn’t waived money in the devs faces, we wouldn’t have this problem. But ONCE AGAIN M$ holds back the development of a once ps3 exclusive because it wants a piece of the pie.
    If Microsoft never made a console, this fanboy war would never had happened, so don’t go blaming Sony’s fans. They were there before MS….back when everything was good.

  44. I completely agree with this article. Sony Fanboys never fail to disappoint me. They always are there to entertain me and annoy me. Who cares what game is on what system. I own both and I’ll buy games for certain reasons on certain systems. I would never get angry if Uncharted came to the 360 or Halo moved over to PS3. I’d be happy that more people would get to play the game and the people who developed these amazing games would get more money. Developers and publishers hate fanboys themselves…they could care less what fanboys have to say. They just want to make money and make a great game, regardless of console.

    I also refuse to buy exclusive games based on the review score. Too many times I’ve been disappointed by games that are over-rated by certain reviewers/fanboys (IMO it’s because it’s an exclusive title). This goes for the 360 and PS3 but I feel that it’s hard to find a PS3 exclusive that will ever get a low score.

    I consider myself a gamer who loves great games regardless of console. I do however dislike the Wii because it’s too much of a niche product and I don’t feel like paying $200+ to play some Mario games. I wish fanboys would all just disappear and just buy both of the consoles and realize how great both are.

    One more thing…
    When it comes to reviews, I don’t know why anyone would base a purchase on the review. It seems completely idiotic to think that because someone else disliked a game that you’ll automatically dislike it as well. Some exclusive games I loved (Halo 2, Uncharted 1 and 2, Demon’s Souls, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Crackdown, Infamous, too many to list). Some exclusives I enjoyed but didn’t love them (God of War, Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Ratchet and Clank, Heavy Rain). And games I just didn’t like or felt they were overrated (Left 4 Dead, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance, MAG, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, ODST, Fable 2, Dead Rising). Don’t attack me, this is just my opinion. I’ll buy the next Killzone, Halo, Fable, God of War, etc to give it a try and see if I like it. I won’t look at a review and let that be the deciding factor if I’ll purchase it.
    Each console has good and bad games but it depends on the person…some people like a game more than some one else. Just stop complaining fanboys and play video games. If you don’t want a new Xbox 360 with FF13, then give it to me please. I’ll love free stuff.

  45. Funny, this article reeks of XBox fanboyism. The reality is, a fanboy is a fanboy. Period. Back in the day you could write this exact article and replace ‘Sony’ with ‘Nintendo’.

    Over the last decade of my gaming career I can happily admit I’ve at one time or another been a Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft fan. In each gaming generation there’s a champion; SNES vs Genesis, N64 vs PSOne, XBox vs PS2, etc. there is always one console that shines. Previously the PS2 brought DVDs to the fore-front, XBox pioneered online console gaming and the PS3 delivers bleeding-edge graphics while the Wii creates a new gaming market.

    Only a fool would subscribe to one brand over the years, it’s clear they’d be missing out on so much gaming content.

    Back on topic, moral of the story: Spending time criticizing fanboys is futile–you’ll only ending up looking like one.

  46. Man the very nature of your editorial is also just an opinion so you contradict yourself right from the start. You make some good points but not all ill agree with and it was a good read! I have all three current gen consoles in the house. I haven’t used my 360 since Gears 2. Its all about the PS3 for me now, although I will be dusting off the 360 for Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction.

    In my opinion there is a massive bias against Sony in the games industry particularly in reviews. Check out FF13’s metacritic score for the 360 and PS3. At the time of writing the 360 has 84, PS3 has 83. Do you not find that odd considering the PS3 version is technically superior and it is common knowledge that this is the case? Another one for example is IGN giving GOW3s presentation score an 8.5. Are they having a laugh? For gaming journalists and developers (including Naughty Dog who made Uncharted 2 which won buckets of awards) to say that GOW3 has set a new standard in the way games are made and then IGN give it an 8.5 for presentation is a complete joke. IGN gave Bayonetta a better review than GOW3. Iv played Bayonetta on 360. I have absolutely no doubt that GOW3 will be better than Bayonetta.

    As for PS3 fanboys moaning about FF13 coming to the 360.. how big has FF been to the PlayStation brand? Fucking HUGE thats how big!! Do you honestly think that if a massive Xbox franchise like Halo or Gears went to PlayStation that the 360 fanboys wouldn’t cause uproar? Id bet my house on it that they would. All fanboys are the same. They are a generic bunch that grow to like a particular brand but their attitude is all the same!

    I couldn’t care less what reviewers say anymore and I dont think anybody should. They are nothing but opinion pieces. Iv been playing games long enough to know what a great game is and what isn’t.

  47. Hahaha. I love that one of the auto generated “possibly related posts” on your article on fanboys is an article about the effects of child abuse! Priceless

  48. Justin, all fanboys do and say stupid things. With all these examples you give, there have been just as many Xbox fanboys doing stupid things. All I can take from this is that Sony fans are passionate and will go to great lengths to support their own system. Yeah they can do immensely retarded and embarrasing things, but so do Sega, MS and Nintendo fanboys.

    This article only adds to the flame wars that go on between 360 and PS3 fanboys on the internet. Making a sweeping generalisation like this isn’t healthy.

  49. I agree with you on this article but I think you forgot back when PS3 first came out it was the 360 fanboys who also acted like this. Don’t you remember all the up roar on BioShock coming to PS3? Don’t you remember all the 360 fanboys running around YouTube saying 360 has better graphics and fuck PS3? It goes both ways bro. The only reason SONY fanboys are so obvious now is cause all the BS 360 fanboys were starting. Now don’t get me wrong some PS3 fanboys can get a little out of hand ( TheTruthSettingUFree ) But over all I hear stupid shit from both sides. For example I remember some guy on YouTube saying DLC on PSN cost more!!! LOL I also remember a PS3 fanboys saying that PS3 doesn’t have a issues lol.

    But seriously though I personaly believe that PS3 fanboys do in fact have the better system considering the massive fail do to the RROD. They say its fixed the fact is the Damage has already been done. I enjoy my 360 and my PS3 I can’t get enough of GEARS2 online and I can’t get enough of Uncharted 2 online. There both well made games.

    Great Article

  50. I bet all the people whining about this article, saying it’s not just Sony fanboys, but ALL fanboys, are really (Sony) fanboys. Pretty sad. Play the games, not the system, chumps.

  51. so, sony fanboys are the worst of the bunch?

    ok? i mean i expect this from reviewers to try to get flame bait hits.

    At the very least Sony fanboys know their hardware unlike many of the other fanboys, and SONY fanboys have a right to be vocal, when many outlets were spilling “SONY is doomed” articles. Talk about fanboyism, this article is 5 years too late.

  52. This article could easily be dismissed as redundant, but I’m glad you wrote it. It’s Really well written and highly entertaining and truthful.

    I firmly believe that ignorance is one of society’s greatest ills. We are all “response’able”, but some times it surrounds us and slowly indoctrinates us. For instance: I used to think of fox news as a fantastic source of comedy. I mean, they’re lies and discrepancies are so transparent it’s hilarious. That was, however, Before I learned that FOX NEWS is the leading news source in AMERICA! I mean! so many people dont even stand a chance! Their opinions are not they’re own!

    [b]And for a society who defends so fiercely the freedom of speech, you neglect almost entirely the Freedom of Thought.[/b]

    Fanboyism is similar. Stand guard at the doors of you’re mind and think for you’re self. You may find that many opinions you uphold are, not only unempowering, but not even your own.

    There. How’s this for a redundant comment?

    Anyway, more power to you.

  53. How can you call one fanboy worse than another
    This should not be approved it’s just gonna fuel a fanboy war.

    The author seems to single out one group forgetting what other fanboys do

    For example 360 fanboys spoiling Heavy Rain

    2007 – PS3 has no games/blu-ray player

    Uncharted 2 is overhyped doesn’t deserve GOTY

    Natal is revolotionary and ps move is a wiimote (forget natal being an advanced eyetoy)

    I remember ps3 fans trying to reason with 360 fanboys on n4g in 2007 and have bubbles taken away same kinda thing happened on metacritc to ps3 game scores

    my point is you can just single out 1 group

  54. Sure I’m a fan of sony’s, I was perfectly fine with U2’s GT review of 9.3, until GT said why 9.3 was the highest the game could get. Where they claimed it was unoriginal and that a max game like that could get is 9.3, which is where things get a bit mucky, not so much that U2 is more deserving, but where other games are undeserving, games like MW2, gets a 9.5 from GT.

    Now MW2 is a prime example of cliche-old elements used very well (just like U2). MW2 does nothing new, it adds a nice co-op feature using elements from pre-existing games and uses them well, yet its not original, their online is essentially a carbon copy of their old game (COD4), with updated guns and perks and their campaign, although having its epic moments, is a cluster-fuck of discombobulated story telling. Sure even if you follow the story and love it (and its clear that there are many who do) absolutely nothing in that game is new. Its all old stuff, just primed and used very well. Deserving of a 9.5 in some people’s mind? sure, but from GT, where the max a game like that can get is 9.3. No thats just crap.

    I honestly have no problems with U2 getting a 9.3, its obviously clear that this game will go in the history books as one of the greatest made games of all time with its hundreds and hundreds of awards. And I have no problem with someone liking MW2 more, its a fun game. Its the principle of an institution, which is supposed to represent an unbiased opinion that failed here and thats what gets someone like me annoyed.

    Also its not just PS fanboys … its ALL fanboys, the crap I’ve had to deal with as a customer getting a game from some stores is just ridiculous.

  55. Hey man, that shit is tight man, true that, they don’t feel no vibe in gaming no more, shit that shit, those fanboys ain’t understand the meaning of a gamer. Homies we play the same game, we sit on the same couch playin the ps3 xbox360, we watch the same HDTV, man what effin problem with that, can we all just get along.

  56. Not responding to comments now.. *shock*

    • Oh I apologize. I was actually playing a game on my Xbox 360, something I still happen to be doing. I will get to your comments when I am finished.

      But, understand that this article has generated a heretofore unprecedented amount of feedback (mostly negative but I fully expected that going in) and I haven’t the time to reply to each and every comment I have received.

      Just a heads up.

  57. console fanboys are idiots! videogame and developer fanboys are gamers, because the developers are the ones who make these games we love! They deserve the fans, not the money hungry corporations!

  58. That demotivational poster is BS. I camped out for 43 hours for my PS3, PS3 has better games and a better library of games and that is pretty much fact now.

    We just hate the 360 fanboys because they always think they are right and are so hypocritical.

    For example:

    ” We don’t care about graphics we care about gameplay.”

    MAG comes out: ” Look at the graphics, that game looks so bad.” And that’s all that needs to be said.

  59. How to annoy a Sony Fanboy…use facts and logic.

    Sony Fanboys are starting to remind me of Democrats. They are acting like a bunch of ideologues not caring for anyone and not treating others right; only the ones who agree with them. And that is sad…very sad.

    • Lol *high five*

    • And 360 fanboys remind me of Republicans. See what I did there? 360 fanboys do the EXACT SAME THING they accuse PS3 fanboys of doing.

      Tell me, what kind of a fanboy spoils the ending for highly anticipated games? Name me one time a PS3 fanboy ever did that?

      You’re full of shit, just like this author and just like the people who support him.

  60. I love Sony, I jerk off all day over my PS3 and how sexy and slim it is. No matter how much cum gets on her she still works, none of this red ring of death genitale failure bullshit, she’s always on and ready to go for a good session. She has a huge capacity load that she can take and she loves every inch of it, not like her friends, who are jealous mind you, who can only take so much before it requires a second and third party, the final fantasy of any women, 3 dicks. Lucky for her too, her batteries are rechargeable and I don’t have to squander any more dosh on that. We like watching blue movies together and the quality is just superb and she’s very quiet, she can be demanding, there’s no question about that but so can I.

  61. okay people give the guy a break he does have some valued points first and formost i own a ps3 but i am not a fanboy. yes i got the system for three games metal gear solid, ff13, god of war 3. but the thing about people booeing ff13 because it is on the 360 really you need to grow up and show some class for gods sack. but i while be the first to admit that the 360 does have some games i would like to see ported over. but third party developers likie square going multiplatform happens becuase games cost a couple mill to make making back your money when the game cost 30 mill to make from one console just does not make sence it is the cost of doing business. and one other thing people square eniz is a thjird party publisher they are not restrictede to one platform so grow up and get over it adn stop acting like you are 13 yeasr old kid.

  62. Wow, given the quality of some responses one could think these fanboys would better use their intelligent responding in someplace more productive than internet arguing

  63. Well i havent read all the comments here (cause most of ’em are just little spit-fucks arguing over nothing) but i’ve read enough to notice that no one has come clean and said what i’m about to say


    im gonna go ahead and take this time that you’re probably using to start thinking up some dumb response to say that i dont care, its what i am, so, i don’t know, eat it, dicks. the way i see it, my PS3 is the best gaming has to offer. at heart, most gamers are fanboys, and anybody that read this article and actually did get riled up enough to post a comment definitely has a whole ton-o-fanboy buried not so deep, if its even buried at all.
    and do u know what im going to do know? express my opinion. why? because i live in AMERICA and i’ll do whatever the hell i want, so here it goes:
    DS’s can EAT MY SHIT
    Wii’s (well i have i wii and they’re actually not half bad) but i ps3 is still better
    and do ya know what will really get you 360 fanboys angry? when i tell you WHY your system is my system’s bitch
    1)PS3s have the highest picture quality in the galaxy, a clearer picture just doesnt exist, and it especially wont be found on a 360
    2)Its a bloody blu-ray and dvd player, doesnt that just make you burning with jealousy?
    3)Its online is a rocking, sockin fully functional ass-whoopin machine, PSN makes Live look like a crying baby that just got its candy stolen, BY PSN!!!
    lastly 4)you may have some good games (i got to give the halo saga its props, so remember, none of this applies to offline halo awesomeness) but our games just gut your games like bled out fish. have you even PLAYED MGS4?

    finally ,thegame21x, your article was well written, its really takes a grade-A cowboy to look us ps3 lovers in the eyes and say ‘fuck you’. i wish other people would pony-up and act like you, if you’ve got sumthing to say, say it, dont go bitch about it to your other bitch friends on x-box live, so please, thegame21x, if you are truly against fanboys or if you are secretly harboring fanboy feelings of pure awesome, at least your one of the manly ones, and you’re putting up a damn good fight. and please, dont block this comment because it goes up against the 360. in my mind, you are the ballsyest guy on this forum, i only wish you could be fighting on my side.

    so, x-box fanboys and fanatics, lets see what kind of shit storm you can throw at me. you can get crackin at that as soon as your head stops spinning from the bitch-slap of truth im about to give you with my final statement:


  64. Wow! I hope you are happy now. lol

  65. Yeah Sony fanboys are annoying. Booing at the ff13 360 prize is weird and complaining about really good review scores is…well…yeah. However, I disagree with them being the most annoying. I only have a PS3 so of course I’m gonna defend it and its games when people bash them but 360 fanboys were A LOT worse back in 06 and 07. Every opportunity that arose, they would absolutely go nuts with the bashing (e.g. The price, PSN not as good as XBL, when they had HD DVD they would say Blu-ray is irrelevant, etc.). And yeah, I do think 360 ruined ff13 mainlt due to the fact that the devs were pressured to release this year which forced them to make cuts to the game. No matter how SE wants to justify it, they had to make it linear cuz of the multiplatform release. Whatever, if they release versus 13 on 360, let’s hope they pace themselves better so it doesn’t turn out half-assed.

  66. Final Fantasy 13 isn’t that great anyways. JRPG’s are all the same nowadays…Why is everyone getting upset that it’s on the 360. If I recall it use to be a Nintendo exclusive when it first came out.

  67. i completely agree with this, and i have an xbox and ps3

  68. Do not listen to these idiots bantering about this article. What you just wrote is what most of us have been wanting to be said, and I’m glad it’s been said.

  69. I believe the xbox 360 fanboys are the worst of them all. i have fanboys come up to me on a daily basis at school just to dis on it. They’re so ignorant, hell i wach ps3 and 360 fanboys argue and they’re both ignorant. I myself never was a fanboy i always looked into the specs of the system, economics, the price possible price drops, and how future proof a system was. Thaat system in my opinion was ps3, 2nd is wii, then 360. I would have booed as well at the launch event it would have just been more work for me to sell it and get another ps3 and ffxiii or money. only reason i would have booed it is knowing i couldnt get as much out of it as i could ps3 921,600 pixels on ps3 vs 589,824 pixels on 360. Just saying. I’m not a fanboy… i just know my facts. ;D

  70. Justin McBride, its quite obviuos you wrote this article to gain attention and hits for your blog! Nice try!

    Fanboys, regardless of what console they own are as bad as each other!

    Gamespot awarded MGS4 2007 GOTY and the 360 fanboys went crazy. Why not write about that!

    Nice try at trying to gain attention, idiot!

    • Well, obviously it worked didn’t it? I gained your attention long enough for you to not only skim over my article but also to decide to call me an idiot in the comment page. Cheers. 🙂

  71. In a world without fanboys, there wouldn’t be any flamewars. A fanboy loves their choice and hates everything else. Thats why nobody likes them.

    Not a single person who isn’t a fanboy likes your post because all fanboys are the same and you my friend have the attributes of fanboy.

    • I have the attributes of a fanboy because I dislike a certain sect of fanboys? Not sure how you could logically arrive at that conclusion but if you wish to believe that, that’s fine with me.

  72. “If all you do is call me an idiot and leave, you’ll just be proving how right I am.”

    Like if that’s going to change anything… What if you’re right? Do you want a cookie or something? What’s the deal here? 0_o

    If you feel annoyed by one side or the other that just proves that you’re a fanboy yourself. =)

  73. its a two sided street but i guess it comes down to how often you encounter them. i don’t run into many of the bad sony fanboys (although i know they are out there in numbers) but i do run into a lot of microsoft and nintendo fanboys (didn’t know there were Sega fanboys until now!). From my view, its pretty even with the Microsoft and Sony fanboys and they both have their moments but I would just say ignore them all and just forget about their petitions. They’re like the religious people who come to your door and tell you to follow their way cuz its the “right” way. You don’t want to yet there they are again a few weeks later.

  74. So….. did you get those hits you wanted?

  75. I wish people could read, and retain what they read better. I rather enjoyed the article. everything in here can be held true, not of just sony fanboys, but of all. and you made it clear, all fanboys are bad, but i have to agree with you. after 2008 Sonyfanboys have been the most active and overall seem to be the largest group as well. i dont know any 360 fanboy run sites, but N4g and gametrailers have more ps3fanboys than 360.

  76. All fanboys are a pain, but I totally agree on the Sony fanboys are the worst. I have a 360 and a Wii but I have thought of getting a PS3, but of course I have a friend who is a complete Sony fanboy. All he says is I have finally realized how much of a crap system the 360 system is and how crappy the games are. When he says stuff like that and I see the Sony fanboys rage online I get turned off on buying a PS3 which is sad. Good article!

  77. I really don’t consider myself a fanboy, i had a 360 and loved it but then it fried, ok i bought another one and guess what… It fried, then they bought me a ps3 i didn’t like it at first but i love it now you know why? Because it has almost every game that the 360 has (not halo 😥 ) and some great exclusives but i constantly see the ps3 or in this case it’s community being attacked for something that every other company’s “fanboys” do too, everybody thinks that their stuff is the best there is because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have it, so of course they say ps3 games are the best, and ask any person who has an xbox if halo isn’t the best game ever, they all will say that their console is the better with the best games ever and the best service so WTF the ps3 RULES!!! (but i’m gonna miss halo: reach) 😦

  78. Awesome article, it’s about time someone wrote this, and WTF took so long. EVERYONE knows this, IGN, Gamespot, 1up, they all know that PS3 fanboys are the cancer of gaming. Most sites can’t even write honest reviews anymore for fear of being attacked and boycotted by PS3 fanboys.

    This needed to be written and the PS3 fanboys will only ease up when we all come out against them.

  79. Oh, and to all the idiots claiming that PS3 fanboys are the way they are because the media was mean to PS3. For every PS3 is doomed article out there, you can find 2 to 3 PS3 will outsell 360 and Wii in the long run, and please please go buy Lil big planet, and Uncharted 2 articles, not to mention all the now is the time to buy a PS3 articles, give me a break, we NEVER see journalists begging consumers to go buy 360 games, or the 360.

    Not to mention all the articles that have NOT been written about the blatant scandal that is the Yellow light of death, the PS3 failure rate is WAAAY higher than 3%, and EVERYONE knows it, yet no one has the balls to write about it!

  80. People relax on the essay sized comments

  81. First off, I don’t agree with your article, though I will say you’re very good expressing your opinion coherently and without anger.
    I disagree with anyone claiming that one set of fanboys is worst than another because just as you wrote this I or anyone else could argue why another group is “the worst”.

    What I actually have a problem with is your constant use of “logical thinking” while at the same time being void of the skill. You touched on it in the article but your comments are actually what provoked me to comment.

    You say-
    “Fanboys are wrong for assuming that it was the 360’s “fault” for the content being cut because there is no evidence to support that claim. It would be different if Square-Enix actually said that the content was cut because of size constraints but they did no such thing at any point and long before this came up, they said that the game would not be limited because of it being ported to the Xbox 360. Therefore, it is logical to assume that these cuts were not made because of the 360. If you have evidence that shows that it was, I’d be glad to see it.”

    “Square Enix explicitly stated before that the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII would not be compromised because of the Xbox 360. Look it up if you want proof of that claim. Now, based on that, it can be logically assumed that the content was not cut because of the 360.”

    While “thinking logically” did you consider that fact that Square Enix might have lied? They aren’t exactly a trust worthy company after all.
    The claimed that work on the 360 port would not start until the PS3 version was complete yet had FF13 running on 360 hardware at E3.
    They claimed that the 360 and PS3 versions of FF13 were equal yet the 360 version is sub-hd, in fact it’s just a few pixels higher than standard definition in PAL territories.
    They sent out doctored photos of the 360 version to hide the fact that it was inferior to the PS3 version.

    That said, I won’t claim that just because someone has been caught lying once, twice or three times that they’re lying all the time but I will say that their credibility is questionable. Therefore I don’t believe it to be “illogical” to assume that the PS3 version WAS in-fact compromised (in a negative way) because of the 360 “port”.

    There are simply too many coincidences that tie the negative aspects of the game to the limitations of the 360.
    The game is extremely linear, something we haven’t seen from SE games since the days of the PS1 generation of FF titles (that were all multiple disc).
    The portion of the game that was cut had no explanation yet it IS “logical” to think that it was due to size constrictions as SE has never had a problem with having “too much” content or things to do before. They’re actually pretty well known for the vast exploration of the worlds they create. They also stated the they really wanted to keep the game from being four disc because of the cost associated with publishing a four disc game.

    Last thing, sense this was “the straw that broke the camels back” for you.
    About that video of “PS3 fanboys” being angry and booing the prize at that event. Logically they must be PS3 fanboys simply because they booed at a 360 prize? I don’t believe so.
    Final Fantasy fans:
    1. Already had/have/had pre-odered FF13 by the time of this event, making the “prize” less desirable.
    2. FF13 fans are likely to know that the 360 version is inferior from following FF13 news.
    3. FF fans are likely to have come to the conclusion that the newest addition of their favorite series was effected negatively because of the 360 version.

    I would argue that those particular “fanboys” were actually Final Fantasy fanboys. It’s possible that many of them were PS3 fanboys as well but it’s more likely that they were just fans of the series and the 360 version was a “button” for them. That goes for those petition writers and signers as well and I only say that because “thousands” signed it and PS3 fanboys probably number in the millions.

  82. Sony has superior hardware and Microsoft has superior software. Not surprising given the history of both companies. The fact is the reason Sony has been so successful is competition. When Sony took so long to come out with a new console that gave Microsoft an opening to put out the X-Box and then the 360. So regardless of what rampant fanboys think they want they need competition.


  84. so you mean to tell me if the halo or gears of war series went multiplat xbox gamers wouldnt care???…hell yea they would…..exclusive games is what makes your console better..

    and about the review thing..i have seen so many xbox gamers call anything under a 9.0 a flop…

  85. What these fanboys need to understand that they currently do not is that reviews and the scores attached to those reviews are entirely subjective.

    mmm been spelling long you fanboy lol.Attacking others just is points the finger back at your self.


  86. I felt like the article was well written and everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

    With that said, I suspect it was written by an in the closet x-box fanboy. I can’t imagine a true multiplatform gamer writing something like this. Fanboys are fanboys. This is no more ridiculous than saying a Colts fanboy is worse than a Saints fanboy.

  87. If i have only a PS3 and love the games i playh on it, those that make me a SonyFanBoy?! seriously mate ive looked at most of your replies and all you ever say is “they all prove your right” i think its crutch your using because quite frankly you have nothing else to say and ironically you shown Microsofts true colours come out by writing this mess of an article dude check this out

    Top dogs of MS has unproffesionally posted your mess on his twitter ironically fueling a silly fanboy war, so thank you mate, thank you for proving us right that MS is no better and no smarter then a dumb fanboy such as the ones you write about.

    Oh and one more thing, just by claiming FF13 wasnt comprimised by the 360 unsurprisinly makes you a 360 fanboy you joker. Lol you showed yourself up. Ive pretty much read every comment on here and N4G and all im gonna say is people out there has pretty much broke you down to a point where all you pretty much can say now is that, Go on, say it? LOL

  88. “NorthernDragon” i was talking about by the way

  89. WOW!!! Excellent article. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The SONY DEFENSE FORCE is out in full effect tonight after you wrote this truthful article. Very well written, and to the point with valid sources to back up your evidence. About time someone had the balls to speak the truth. This article is about uniting gamers not dividing us. We as fans of gaming consoles should expose and ostracize the radical rabid fanboys among us, because they form a bulwark against camaraderie and togetherness. We all should be rejoicing in quality gam;ing, not trolling one another anonymously behind computer screens. Peace and love!!

  90. Again, another amateur blogger who thinks that they’re a valid critic because they know how to use wordpress. You are almost entirely ignorant of what you are critical about.

    The Gametrailers debacle was because Shane Satterfield (can’t spell his name) basically said that no game will EVER get above a 9.3 if it doesn’t innovate more than Uncharted 2. Then gave Modern Warfare 2 a higher score without noting anything innovative. See?

    Also, the Final Fantasy 13 concern was because the fans actually understood that porting to the 360 might (and did) take away development for the PS3, which means that SE was just milking its franchise because the title on the 360 could mean a bad portal with multiple disc changes. Not to mention making FF13 multiplatform would mean that the game would be severely delayed beyond its already delays (which happened).

    So yes, if you actually read what people were saying before labeling them “sony fanboys” and dismissing them, then you’d realize that most of their complaints are rationally valid.

  91. I agree with this article as this was something that I constantly battle my biased PS3 loving buddy of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I own both systems from 360 to PS3 and I love both system and their respective games. Scores are coming from professional gamers who sees and reviews games from all perspective, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it or not as I believe every gamers who is dedicated to playing games are professionals in their own way and never have a bad review of a game made me not want to play it either. For example when Yakuza series came out for PS2, the reviews were mediocre but that didn’t stop me from reviewing the game many times and buying the game and falling in love with the series and glad to know that they have ported to PS3. Another example is how Halo games all have gotten good reviews, but that didn’t mean that I liked it as much as the reviewer as I really thought Halo series were ok. And like Justin wrote, who cares if games come out for both systems? I was pretty appalled by the video above about people booing winning FF13 xbox 360 bundle. It’s freaking free and people are booing? You would rather get a free copy of PS3 version just because your that dedicated to it? That’s fine by me, but don’t go ruin it for everybody else you crybabies!

  92. Lol, the one blaming this fanboys to be worse than others is simply the worst kind of fanboy.

    I can just facepalm at such articles, hey i dont start a blog just to write how ignorant america is, do i?

    Grow up dude, if you dont like the way fanboys are, just leave em be and dont try to be the attention whore and lure all these fanboys to your blog just because for some hits.
    Thats embarrasing.

  93. Sony Fanboy Represent! Boo 360!

  94. I wanted to read your article and see some constructive reasoning as to why Sony fanboys are worse than any other. After all that was what your title stated right? Unfortunately you failed to offer up anything that couldnt be immediately applied to any other fanboy.

    Petitions at lost exclusives? Erm…bioshock anyone?
    Inability to accept review scores? Applies to just about every game out there regardless of console.

    The other thing you pointed out was the FFXIII booing debacle. Its widely stated that the 360 version is inferior to the PS3 version, simply due to the high compression of the CGI needed to fit the game on the three discs. Essentially these fans were being offered the weaker version of the game as a prize. Wouldnt you feel a little miffed? Its like being offered the chance to win a 42″ SD TV when you know theres a 42″ HD TV at the same price. While you shouldnt really complain as its free, you’d still be a little annoyed. Its simply that gamers are more vocal and less appreciative than most.

  95. I know what you mean. All fanboys can get out of hand. But it does seem like Sony fanboys are the worst. They cried for Bioshock to come to the PS3 and how to they pay them back… by not buying it. As much as they cried for it I would figure it would of sold big. Even Bioshock2 for the PS3 did not make a ripple on the sells chart.
    It ok to love your system but damn, you don’t need to take it to far. And that goes for all fanboys.

  96. TOTALLY agree with this article… I’ve never seen so much crap said/written by a particular group of people before.

    sonyfanboys are the most wormlike, pathetic, emotionally unbalanced, verbally violent, humourless dribbling imbeciles the gaming community has ever had the misfortune to endure.

    I’m glad this website had the courage to post this article.

  97. fanboys have been around since the spectrum/c16 battles leading onto the amiga/st battle and now onto ps3/360 struggle and these people will move to the next piece of hardware and still take part in the same “pissing against the wall” compertition. The only problem i can see with ps3 games becoming cross platform is if the developers start writing the game for the 360 and the porting it to the ps3 (half life anyone) and if this happens then they will have a reason to rant but if not then just shut up and enjoy your hardware without having the need to slag of someone eles, and yes that applies to all fanboys

  98. i guess this was writtin by a nintendo / microsoft fan boy then but all in all grow up every one has there own opinions so shut up

  99. The point alot of people are missing from the article and the comments, is that he pointed out Sony fanboys for the sheer ‘volume’ of people who portray this mentality. If I go to a gaming website, and it gives a multiplatform game a review, its the large number of fanboys that will go out and say it would’ve been better on their system exclusively. These people REALLY need to grow up and accept all systems equally, then we can probably achieve the thing that all console strive to be… a computer.
    Just Kidding, but seriously, lay off the crappy one-sided comments and just enjoy the games coming out, not to waste more time complaining about scores or exclusives.

  100. What you need to understand is that in your opinion Sony fanboys are the worst.
    You said yourself: “…your opinion is not meant to be universally accepted”, Meaning that your statement is invalid as you titled this piece: “Why Sony fanboys are the worst of the bunch”, which is a concrete statement, implying that this is the only truth.
    Also if you were to see it from the other fanboy’s perspective, I’m sure you’d think the same on yourself. You can’t just think that those people represent the entire bunch.
    In my opinion there all the worst as they’re fighting over a bunch of nonsense. Yes Xbox Live is superior to the PlayStation network but they’ll never admit it. There are pros and cons of each and we need to accept that.
    I therefore condemn fanboys in all forms and therefore condemn myself and you.

    • Do I have to write “in my opinion” before everything that I write?

      A quality judgment (IE “worst”) is inherently subjective. Therefore, the title of this article (and everything inside) is meant to be taken as my opinion. This is an editorial, which obviously means it’s an opinion piece. My opinion is just that, my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  101. YAY! Sony fanboys beats Xbot fanboys outtasight!!

    Best at EVERYTHING!!

  102. I do think that the writer of this blog is only out for reactions more then really making a fundamental statement here.
    Because the fanboy extremist a.k.a. sony fanboys he so well defined (extremist, well that’s what the author suggested), labelled (ill-logical, irrational and arrogant) and categorized (all around idiotic group of people) are wrong in there doing.

    Are you a gamer? Do you have any of the 3 “main” consoles? Are you a communist or a democratic?

    I will answer these questions for you since you had an answer for the fanboys on their way of interacting online/ offline.

    A gamer, me?! No I am not gamer. I have this blog to write nonsense so I can get some counts/ hits. Next article I am going to write is about Osama Bin Laden being a nice person. Or I might go for Obama is the worst president ever.

    [Here I am thinking for your next answer that you actually want to own a PS3 but you and your stupid, idiotic, nerdy blog friends have the other console.] I own a XBOX-360 but I had to send it away for repair because of RROD. I concealed my console preference so it doesn’t seem that I am x-boy fan and really want to have a PS3 to play all those nice a cool games (read exclusives) it has.

    A communist of course!! In this blog of my I will determine what is good. I will delete any reaction that contradicts my will and rules I set in my blog. No way that you sony fanboys can walk in my domain with out being punished about. I hate sony fanboys. They must be hung in the highest tree!! I want and will get many hit on my blog.

    To close of my comment I want to say that your blog about the PS3 fanboys only scratch the obvious, but that’s only your purpose scratching for reaction. If a 1.000.000 PS3 fans think highly of there console, what does your solely poorly written comment affect? After a while this blog will be dust! And the PS3 fans will remain the same.

  103. Little slow on the hits this month then. Flamebait articles like this one fishing for hits are destroying internet gaming communities. Want to be an arrogant scrotum do it somewhere gamers don’t have to read. Sony fanboys are pretty much the same as other fanboys. Irrational fools like yourself who imagine people give a flying **** what they have to say. Want to talk about gaming? Great! Want to talk about irrelevent BS to satisfy your hard on for hits go spam some forums or youtube videos.

  104. I’d like to hope the booing of the 360 version of FFXIII was in large parts to mob mentality and general humor but that’s probably assuming to much of some people.
    I don’t see a lot of reasons I’d personally care to buy a 360 (Being most ‘exclusives’ I care for are on PC to =D ) but a free one where I already can’t afford to buy FFXIII? Please.

    Did FFXI get the same reaction as FFXIII for being on xBox and PC? Because it’s not really different…

    Nice article, thanks for the distinction between Fans and Fanboys, lesser articles would leave out a seemingly trivial reminder of who they really have a problem with.

  105. Wow. This exploded way quick.

  106. I remember this guy from Gamespot, he was just another forum member who always seemed to favor the 360 over the PS3 in most arguments.

    What he is saying here is his opinion, and that’s great… however, people shouldnt be taking this stuff seriously just because he has a domain name.

    This blog is something you’d find on any given game forum on the internet… having a domain name and a blog does not make you official.

  107. As a PS3 gamer i totally agree with this article. Sony fanboys are the worst, no doubt about it. If i had more money, i’d buy another console, a fanboy would rather jump in front of a bus.

    There’s more then 7 billion people on this planet, no wonder a couple of million are plain retards.

  108. This is a tottaly true, but totally unneccesary article. It’s like saying one pile of poop is smellier than the other pile of poop – true or not, its all poop.

  109. Someone posted a 360 version of this article.

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